Saloni Wahi
Saloni Wahi
"Life is like a glass of water, always half full never half empty."

Mrs. Saloni Wahi serves on the Board of CMA Investment Holdings, a family investment holding company that is the Founding shareholder of the ABN Group; including CNBC Africa, Forbes Africa, ABN Productions, ABN Training Institute and ABN Pictures. CMA Investment Holdings is also the founding shareholder of Murdoch University Dubai, Transnational Academic Group, Curtin University Dubai, Tech One Global and Lancaster University Ghana. She is also the Patron of the ABN Education Trust which is the CSR arm of the ABN and TAG Group.

Mrs Wahi was closely involved with the operations of CMA Investments during its formative years and has over the last decade been focused mainly on managing the family’s investment portfolio and the development of CSR activities which has been a lifelong passion. She has been a driving force in the fund raising activities for the Groups CSR. The core focus of the CSR activities is around the development of women, orphan children and education, mainly tertiary education.

The ABN Education Trust was set up in South Africa in 2011, to provide tertiary education for children from previously disadvantaged families through its bursary, Internship and mentorship program. The Trust also works closely with orphanages in Johannesburg, Accra and Nairobi. The activities extend to India where the family has made contributions to primary education of disadvantaged children, electrification of villages and bursaries for young women at vocational centers.

Mrs. Wahi also serves on the Board of SP Wahi Management and Technology Consultants Private Limited, New Delhi. She is based between Johannesburg, Dubai and Delhi.


Mrs. Wahi earned her Bachelors of Commerce degree from the prestigious Lady Sri Ram College in New Delhi, India. In her spare time, she is an avid golfer and a potter. She regularly exhibits her ceramics in different cities to raise funds for her CSR initiatives combining her passion for pottery and philanthropy.

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