Company History

The group was founded by Rakesh Wahi, an engineer who rose through the an illustrious career in Indian Army and built long term value through international investments and founded Capital Management Advisors (CMA) in 2002. He co-founded television channel CNBC Africa, Forbes Africa, ABN Productions, Murdoch University Dubai, Trans National Education Africa (Lancaster University Ghana), Tech One Global and Ananya Farms.

Rakesh has been involved with several corporate development projects, feasibility studies, investment evaluations and transactions in the cable, satellite, television, telecommunications and education industries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa over the last 17 years. He has been closely involved with the Private Equity Industry and was responsible for the setting up of the Middle East’s first Islamic PE fund focused on IT and technology Investments.

Fund Raising & Strategic Advisory

Capital Management Advisers, Middle East, was founded in 2002 by Rakesh Wahi after an illustrious career as an investment banker specializing in the TMT sectors. The firms primary purpose was to provide a range of investment banking services and consultancy services including, advisory, M&A and fund raising.

During the CMA-ME years, Rakesh built up an impressive track record advising numerous firms in the GCC on transactions in MediaTelecommunications and IT. He also has years of private equity experience having raised over $1 billion US during his time at CEA/CDC.

CMA Investment Holdings

Between 2005 to 2007, CMA went through it’s own evolution and expanded it’s operations beyond the Middle East. After a series of exits, The Company was branded as CMA Investment Holdings and became the investment vehicle of the Wahi Family. The entity was established to consolidate the investments in unlisted privately owned entities in which the family has a significant management involvement.

Today, the investments range from holdings in media, education, IT & technology and hospitality. The Group now plans to extend its activities into water & energy, retail and agro sectors, predominantly in Sub Saharan Africa.

The family investments predominantly in businesses where they have management control. Remaining sector and region agnostic, most investments are opportunistic. The family focuses on building long term value and is not motivated by short-term returns.

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